> Truck & Jeep Shock Rebuild

Aftermarket Truck & Jeep Shock Rebuild Services

Fox, Icon and King
are some of the more popular brands we service. We use OEM parts to replace the seals, O-Rings, Shaft Bushings and Piston bands, to assure OEM performance.

OEM and Aftermarket shocks need to be rebuilt every 15K-30K miles. If you wait too long, not only does the performance suffer, but you can do damage to internal parts that have worn beyond service limits. Much like engine oil and filter changes there is no penalty for too much service, but there are grave consequences for too little.

This is a complete service, not just an oil change. Shocks are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and measured. Wear parts are replaced using OEM rebuild kits, and oil. Shocks are charged with fresh nitrogen and then clickers and spring preload are set to either the customer's spec or our starting point spec. Performance is returned to "As New".


  • Labor and Nitrogen charge: $250 per pair

  • Coilover Spring Removal : $70 per pair

  • Hard Parts and oil depend on the brand and model of shock, most will run between $250 and $400

  • You can expect a regular service to be under $1000 for a set of four shocks.

  • Any additional parts such as a new shaft, or body, or mounting bushing are additional. You will be contacted before we proceed with a complete quote.

  • Turn around time is 3-5 business days, rush service available for additional cost.

If you can not remove and replace your shocks, we can provide that service as well. We can schedule a day for you to drop off your vehicle and pick up with in 24-48 hours. Cost is usually $300 to R&R a set of four shocks. Problems that occur in the process, such as frozen bolts etc will be billed additionally.