Fork Policy

With over 20 year in the suspension business, we have seen almost everything. So when we decided to open an online store, we made a commitment to you, our manufacturers and our selves. Not only will we sell the best products on the market, but we will also install and set up every fork and shock that leaves our shop. This means that if you want one of our fork products, you will have to ship your forks to us for the installation. We know that this can be a big inconvenience and added expense, but you if saw what we see on a regular basis you would agree it’s worth it. Valve kits installed upside down, compression valves in the rebound valve position, oil levels set incorrectly, spring spacers cocked and jammed into fork tubes, and other atrocities too vile and pornographic for even the internet.

To make the process as easy and seamless as possible, we have included Installation Labor and an Installation Kit with every fork cartridge and valve kit. Where applicable, there is a dropdown to select the spring rate and even a check box to have us ship you a box to send us your forks. The price you see at check out is all you will pay. We even include a shipping label sent by email so we can pick up the tab for shipping to us, and if you can’t get to a UPS driver or drop off location, you can schedule a pick up at your house or work. We also include free return shipping on orders over $500. We are not trying to rook you for a few extra bucks on labor or parts, we want to make sure that all our manufacturers products are installed and set up correctly, and that you will be thrilled with your purchase. Also by installing the fork kits, we can stand behind our work and take full responsibility for your satisfaction.