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Welcome to Computrack Boston’s online store.

Motorcycle Suspension

Premium motorcycle suspension can transform your bike from a machine that suffers from mediocrity, to a finely tuned instrument that can make your riding experience amazing. 

Stock motorcycle suspension components are a series of compromises intended to suit a wide range of typical riders. But, you're not a typical rider, are you? Why not let us unleash your bike's potential?

You'll discover how proper motorcycle suspension can help you ride more proficiently and with greater precision. We sell and install direct OEM replacement shocks and fork products from Penske, Ohlins, K-Tech, and JRi. These products are proven performers by racing experts worldwide. We also specialize in custom fork and shock revalving, to suit your riding style. Only the best for our customers!

Chassis Measurement and Geometry Optimization

We are also experts in motorcycle frame straightening and Geometry Optimization. Motorcycle frames, swingarms, sub-frames and forks, and triple clamps are often misaligned to the degree that handling can be significantly compromised. We can fix that!

The store has three sections:

1. Research- This is where you can find information on a product line or manufacturer. Do you want to know more about a fork cartridge or valve kit? Simply click on forks products, then the brand, then the product. Here you will find information about the exact product you are looking for.

2. My Bike- Once you have researched your products, or if you just want to start shopping, you can find your bike under the “My Bike” menu. With two clicks you will see all the products and services for your model. Here you can compare, review and purchase all the products that fit your bike from each manufacturer. You can also filter results by Brand, or bundle deals.

3. Extras & Spares- Here is where you will find some extra parts you may need or want, such as alternate spring rates to have at the track, or find a rebuilt shock on our “Shock Exchange”.

Complete Chassis Service
Complete Chassis Service
MSRP Price $899.00
A Complete Chassis rebuild from the ground up!