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After 30 years of chassis and suspension work, I am both pleased and saddened to announce that I will be closing Computrack Boston at the end of February. It has been an amazing 30 years of working on some of the best and most exotic motorcycles and with some of the most dedicated and motivated riders and teams. We have done over 2000 frame alignments, over 3000 front end alignments, about 4000 geometry optimizations, over 10,000 fork and shock services and countless trackside, trailside and roadside suspension adjustments. It has been quite a career; however, now is the time for something new. What that is exactly is still not known, but I have several ideas that I can now explore and pursue.

All the tools and equipment have been sold to Innovative in NY to become part of the Motorsports Race Division. They will be setting up shop once the facility requirements have been achieved in 2022. Keep an eye out for more info to come as this transition unfolds in the coming months.

When they do, I will be providing installation and training for the staff. They will receive the knowledge, training, and data base to continue providing the best in chassis setups, alignment and problem solving. The Computrack measuring system is what set us apart from all the other “experts”. It allowed us to identify and solve problems others could not understand or quantify. Now they will be able to provide the same high level of chassis and suspension setups.

I encourage all of our customers to give IMS their fullest consideration when selecting a suspension company in the future.

I need to say a very heart felt thank you to all the customers I have had the pleasure of working with over the last 30 years. From Alan Q. who was my first customer at PK Suspension in 1992, Andy H. my first customer at Computrack Boston in 1996, to the last and still unknown customer picking up their bike in February of this year, I have been honored and privileged to know you all and help you with your motorcycle handling. I will miss working with people that share the same passion for the sport that I do.

Thanks are due to Eric Wood for 25 years of collaboration on countless chassis. Some were awesome right off the truck, and some took half the season to get right. We never quit, we just kept testing and developing until we found success. I can’t thank him enough for all the hard work and thousands of tires we used developing the setups.

Thanks also go to the Penguin Racing School and Tonys Trackdays. I was privileged to teach the Penguin school from 1989 to 2007 and attend Tony’s Trackdays first event in 1996 and almost every event since then. Both businesses have been incredibly supportive of me and have been instrumental in the success I’ve had over the years.

Next season I’ll be available for trackside support and developing my skills with data acquisition analysis and product development. There is a very good possibility there will be seminars covering Suspension and chassis setup, data acquisition and analysis, and basic mechanical skills for racers, trackday riders and parents of racers.

While my time at Computrack is now ending, there are still a lot of opportunities in the industry to pursue. I hope to see all of you at NEMRR and Tony’s Trackdays events throughout the 2022 season. Stop by and say hello, just don’t ask me to change a fork seal.

If you would like to place an order, please call 508-876-9407 or
email so we can be sure you will get your products or service before February 28th.

Motorcycle Suspension

Premium motorcycle suspension can transform your bike into a finely tuned instrument that can make your riding experience amazing. Stock motorcycle suspension components are a series of compromises intended to suit a wide range of typical riders. But, you're not a typical rider, are you? Why not let us unleash your bike's potential?

You'll discover how proper motorcycle suspension can help you ride more proficiently and with greater precision. We sell and install direct OEM replacement shocks and fork products from Penske Racing Shocks, Ohlins, JRI and K-Tech. These products are proven performers by racing experts worldwide. We also specialize in custom fork and shock revalving, to suit your riding style. Only the best for our customers!

Chassis Measurement and Geometry Optimization

We are also experts in motorcycle frame straightening and Geometry Optimization. Motorcycle frames, swingarms, sub-frames, forks, and triple clamps are often misaligned due to a simple tip over or a big Buick challenging crash, to the degree that handling can be significantly compromised. We can fix that!